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Teac 1zu7 CD/DVD Kopiertower

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CD, DVD Kopierer
Ausstattung: 1 DVD Rom Laufwerk, 7 DVD Recorder, 250 GB HDD
Unterstütze Formate: CD-R-RW, DVD-R-RW +R+RW, DVD Double Layer und Dual Layer
Besonderheiten: Standalone CD/DVD Kopiertower, Bedienerfreundliches LCD Display integriert

TEAC's new stand alone 1x1, 1x3,1x7 & 1x10 DVD Duplicators
are stand-alone disc-to-disc DVD Duplication systems requiring no
PC Connection. With the numerous menu commands, optional
hard disk drive, TEAC's Tower Series DVD duplicators offer the
best solution for production level DVD-R Duplication requirements
today. The systems also Verify, and will Copy / Compare discs
that are duplicated.
TEAC's line of 1x10 DVD Duplicators have been specifically
designed to meet the growing demand to duplicate small to
medium quantities of DVDs by the most cost-effective way.
TEAC's 1x10 DVD Tower systems offer an assortment of rich
features, high-performance and operate at true high-speed 16X
when duplicating discs.
There is no need to load extra software program and no extra time
is needed to set up the TEAC Tower units. There is also no need
to attach any cables to your PC as the towers completely function
as stand-alone units.
· Stand-Alone 1x10, True 20X speed
· Featuring TEAC 20X DVD-RW drives
· High-Performance and High-Speed Duplication
· Software or PC Connection not required
· User-friendly LCD Display menu
· Multiple sub-functions for maximum system
· Continuous copying - Cool-down periods not required
· Intelligent

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