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Super DriveLock Basic Kit

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The Super DriveLock is the only blocker in the market today that prevents accidental writes to Hard Drives combining so many interfaces in one single device. As stand alone or in-Bay, the Super DriveLock supports IDE 133 drives, SATA II drives with 3Gbit/sec, SCSI drives with 320 MB/sec, and USB 2.0 storage with 480 Mbit/sec.

.: Multi Media Write-Protect Support: Built-in USB 2.0, P-ATA, S-ATA and SCSI interfaces provide native write protect support for USB, P-ATA, S-ATA, and SCSI devices. Supports SCSI interfaces such as Ultra-160 and Ultra-320, including SCSI Narrow (50-pin), SCSI Wide (68-pin) and SCSI-SCA80 (80-pin). Supports 3.3v devices.

.: High Speed Operation:
Transfer rates can exceed 3.5GB/min

.: Multiple O/S Host Support: Supports Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Linux.

.: Upgradeable Firmware: The unit's firmware can be easily upgraded using the PC's interface.

.: Multiple Host Interface Support: Unit can be connected to the PC or Notebook using multiple interfaces such as native S-ATA port, eSATA controllers, eSATA CardBus adapters.

.: Portable: Can be used as a portable device or mounted in a PC available drive bay.

.: HPA/DCO Support: Detects HPA and DCO areas

.: 3.3v Device Support: Provides output for devices which require 3.3v for operation.

.: Status leds: 4 leds; IDE drive detected, SATA drive detected, SCSI drive detected, USB device detected

Execution time (seconds): ~0.390352